Amazing Exterior Coating Available


Is there really a coating that can be applied to your home or commercial building which provides a thermal barrier against both heat and cold?


Yes!  And this advanced coating material - available in virtually any color  is so amazingly durable and long-lasting that it can typically out last traditional paint coatings 2 to 5 times!  So while you save money on heating and cooling costs each month, you will  also save on repainting costs...  Imagine that!

Applying the most advanced ceramic "Cool Wall" coating system manufactured since 1960

Stucco coated with long-lasting Ceramic Insulcoat
stucco coated with long-lasting Ceramic Insulcoat

Let Sun City Painting apply the most advanced, longest-lasting insulative coating available to your residential or commerical property. 


Make sure you pick colors you like cause this is the "never paint your house again" super coating.  While you can paint your house again... you may not need to for quite a while.  This coating has been manufactured since 1960 and often lasted 30 years or more.  With no recorded product failures!

Our Ceramic Thermal Barrier Performance high-build wall and roof coating systems last longer and protect your investment better, guaranteed - and every month you net the energy savings off your heating and cooling bill.

coating lasts several times longer than nornal panit
wood and stucco house coated with Insulcoat which is known to last 30 years or more

Highest Quality Ingredients  -  Our ceramic coating product line contains 23 precision-blended high quality performance ingredients that protect your building many years longer than regular coating products that typically contain only 7 or 8 cheaper ingredients - yet amazingly due to the absence of cheap fillers our product goes further than other "super coatings" and as a result, the cost of applying our coating system can be surprisingly affordable.  Our coating product is also titanium dioxide-abundant which protects against UV degradation.  It can be tinted to almost any color - and the three types of ceramics in the coating work to insulate your building.  These insulating ceramics will keep your building cooler during the hot months and also keep it warmer during the cold.  Additionally, the coating is test-proven fire resistant! 

Flexible - up to 160% elongation with full memory.  Expands and contracts with the daily thermal cycling that occurs on exterior wall systems.  Withstands deformation without peeling, cracking or chipping.


still looks new after 10 years
This house coated over 10 years ago, still looks new. Simply wash this scrubbable coating every few years for a new look

High Breathability   -  One of the most important questions to ask when choosing any coating product is:  does the coating "breathe"?    The term "perm rating" is used to measure a coatings "breathability".  Our ceramic elastomeric coating product has a very low perm rating which means that moisture trapped underneath the coating can vent out and therefore protect the substrate from rot and mildew growth.  So while our coating is absolutely a water-proofer and doesnt allow the larger water molecule to penetrate the coating, the smaller water vapor molecules do escape. 

house coating still looks new after 10 years
coated over 10 years ago - still looks new!

Completely Binds to smooth or porous surfaces  - Our  ceramic insulcoat system has unbeatable adhesion to most surfaces; to thick surfaces like stucco, we have an amazingly smart three-step application process.  The first application step is a liquid acrylic soaker/ sealer that binds the amazingly durable, ultra-high-quality materials-rich top coats deep into every crack and crevace of the porous substrate.  The result is the toughest, most-effective, breathable, insulative, scrubbable and fire resistant wall coating that is also completely bound to your substrate. 


See how cost-effective it is to protect your building.  Call today at (623) 451-0277,  or simpy fill out the "Request Free Estimate" form  to obain a no-hassle, no-pressure price estimate.


Our product gets the "greenlight' from PCI Magazine

Paint and Coatings Industry Magazine reviews our product
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