Envirocoatings Ceramic Insulcoat

Manufactured and Proven since 1960

Our Ceramic Insulcoat product is Manufactured in Canada by Envirocoatings Canada Inc, in business since 1960 and is a publicly traded company (PID-TSX Venture, US PDVLF).


The original entreprenure worked tirelessly with the goal to make the very best coating system, regardless of the cost of raw materials.  This contrasts greatly with every other paint manufacturer who must focus entirely on keeping costs down to be competitive.  While there is a time and place for most paint products, when it comes to selecting a long-lasting Cool Wall or Cool Roof coating product it is time to select the best. 


Fifteen years ago the amazing original coatings product was radically improved with NASA-derived technology... Ceramics!  Three types of ceramics now help to make this coating system "out of this world"!  These ceramics do so much more than provide an amazing insulating barrier for your building.  The ceramics, the over abundance of expensive titanium-dioxide, and all the other (23 total) high performance ingredients all help make the coating itself seemingly immune to solar degradation while also making the coating exceedingly tough, scrubable and breathable.  All these characteristics combine to make this coating EXTREMELY long-lasting. 


  • Envirocoaings Ceramic Insulcoat Roof  is the best product offering the best value per dollar over any other coating choice.
  • Envirocoatings Ceramic Insulcoat Wall is the best choice for those who want a super long lasting, scrubable, color retentive, breathable, insulative exterior wall coating. 
  • Use of both coating systems provides an unbeatable envelope of protection for your real estate investment.
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Ceramic Insulcoat is Certified and Approved by:

  • Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC rated product ID number 0896-0001)
  • California Energy Commission Title 24 compliant
  • EPA Energy Star® - Roof Product Partner
  • US Green Building Council - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System.  Qualifies for points under Credit 7.2
  • MPI (Master Painter's Institute)
    • MPI - Approved Products List
    • MPI - Green Approved Products List
    • US Federal standards and MPI standards are now cross-referenced
  • Masterspec - (Master Specifications Systems)
  • AIA - (American Institute of Architects)
  • Akzo Nobel (ICI Glidden), Canada - 12 Point Stage Gate Program
  • Sherwin-Williams Company, United States
  • People's Republic of China

Ceramic Insulcoat is Environmentally "green"

  • Meets or exceeds all Enviromental guidelines
  • 100% acrylic, water-based and non-toxic
  • Low VOC's - (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Contains no formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, petroleum distillates, silica, mica, quartz or other chemicals listed as cancer causing
  • No special ventilation required during application

Can be tinted to almost any color, perfect for almost any surface


Ceramic InsulCoat Wall is an extremely versatile, high-build architectural coating intended for Commercial, Industrial, Government, and Residential exterior applications. It may be applied on most typical construction surfaces including:
• Cast or Poured in Place Concrete
• Tilt-Ups
• Cinder/Concrete Block
• Stucco
• Brick
• Wood
• Masonry
• Fiberglass
• Aluminum
• Galvanized Steel
• Vinyl
• Specialized Substrates

Life-cycle Cost Advantage

Ceramic Insulcoat though more expensive per 5 gallon container than most housepaint brands, has a greater square foot spread rate that comparative type elastomeric coatings, due to the absence of cheap fillers, and as a result can be surprisingly affordable.   Envirocoatings Insulcoat products Cerylium and a super abundance of titanium dioxide that resists UV degradation and as a result often lasts three to five times longer or more than our competitor's.


The following scenario demonstrates the lifecycle advantage to using our long-life coating system.  Let's even assume that our amazing coating system costs 40% more per $1000 initial labor and materials application.  Let's also assume that the competitor's product will only last 7 years compared to 15 years or more for Ceramic Insulcoat.  We all know that labor and material costs increase over time.  This scenario assumes a 4% inflation rate.

Cost of



Cost of 



Cost of



  Total Cost
Regular Paint
1,000 1,316 1,664 3,980
Ceramic Insulcoat 1,400 0 0 1,400

This scenario shows that Ceramic Insulcoat is a wise investment based on a balance of the most desirable life-cycle characteristics.

Product Brochure and Technical Data Sheets

Insulcoat Wall - Brochure
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Insulcoat Wall - Technical Data Sheet
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Insulcoat Wall - MSDS
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