Ceramic InsulCoat Wall and Roof provides 3-Way Thermal Action:


1. Reflects - Bounce sunlight back out to space

2. Emits - Release absorbed energy and radiate it back to space

3. Resists - Conductivity of heat through the wall or roof system




We were applying Envirocoatings Insulcoat Roof to a typical "torch-down" roof and had to stop work before midday as the surface was heating up. 


At 7:45AM the roof was 62 degrees Fahrenheit.



At 12:40pm with an air temp of 85 degress the uncoated roof was 142 degrees.


That is a rise of 80 degrees Fahrenheit in five hours - a very typical temperature range for a roof in a moderate climate.






At 12:40pm, we also measured the temperature of the area that we had applied the 3-step Insulcoating system.  It was only 90 degrees - 52 degrees cooler!

So while the building owner now saves substantially on the monthly power bill, and received a 10 year product manufacturer's warrantee, the roof itself has essentially stopped aging. It is no longer expanding and contracting with the daily heat range.  It is now protected from water damage while allowing any trapped moisure to vent protecting against mold, mildew, and dry rot.

The Power of Ceramics -


A human hand holds a ceramic cube with a core temperature of approximately 2,200 degrees F,

just seconds after being removed from an artisan's kiln.


The distance from intense heat to human skin is only mils of thickness.


High Tech Ceramics = Phenomenal Thermal Properties


Ceramic InsulCoat is formulated with the 23 - high performance ingredients of Cerylium.  These include hollow-core ceramic microspheres, strands, irregular particulate, and enriched with titanium dioxide.


The Cerylium formulation of Ceramic InsulCoat Wall and Roof:

  • Reduces heat load on building systems,
  • Enhances existing insulation,
  • Reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the building,
  • Cuts energy costs


US Marine Corps Tests Our Ceramic Coating

In 2008, Sempra Energy recommends using our Ceramic Coating on several building structures at the US Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.  Of course, every product, good or bad comes with an amazing sales brochure.  Camp Pendleton was interested but wisely decided to do due dilligence and ordered a test job on a well-aged metal building where insulative properties were desired.  We were honored to get the call and applied the coating system.  The building was inspected by the product manufacturer's representitive and Camp Pendleton received a 10-year warrantee.  The coating was then repeatedly tested over several months.


Initial Conclusions after application of EnviroCoatings Ceramic InsulCoat Wall:
1. Exterior surface temperatures have decreased 17% -22%
2. Interior surface temperatures have decreased 22% -27%


The result: Camp Pendleton was so impressed that our ceramic coating product has now been specified for use on all applicable roof and wall areas for buildings undergoing  energy efficiency upgrades.  Here is a presentation of some of the details of the testing for that job:

Camp Pendleton testing
Detailed presentation Camp Pendleton coating process and testing
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB