Sun City Painting

Sun City Painting is an Arizona Painting company specializing in quality exterior coatings licensed and bonded since  1995.   Contractor, Erik Fidman is known throughout Phoenix for his friendly, quality, attention-to-detail service and competitive prices. 


Our professional workmanship includes detailed prep work and utilizes the highest quality materials, and incorporates brush, roll, and spray as best suits your project.  We also specialize in cabinets, cool-roof coatings, and hard-to-reach interior and exterior work.  Serving residential and commercial locations throughout the Sun City and surrounding  areas, Sun City Painting is the affordable choice for your professional paint decorating and renovation needs. 


Our Guarantee

Product Manufacturer Guarantee

Our product manufacturer, in business since 1960, can extend a 10-year product guarantee to your Cool Wall or Cool Roof project, if the proper prep work and product application process is followed and verified by a Distributor's product representive.  If a product manufacturer's warrantee is desired and appropriate, your project's job quote may include the product representitive's verification fee.


Workmanship Guarantee

In addition to the product manufacture's guarantee, Sun City Painting, licensed since 1995, will guarantee it's workmanship on the project also for a 10 year period.  Though there are no know product failures, Sun City Painting will cover the labor side of any product failure cases.   We are comfortable with our part of this guarantee because we know this product has successfully lasted on exterior wall applications for 30 years, and roofing systems around the world for over 15 years and counting.


So while your project will most likely qualify for a 10-year guarantee, the actual lifespan of your coating may be far longer.


Our promise to you


The best guarantee for any coatings project is knowing you have selected the best products for the job and that the applicator does the job right.   Our promise to you is to operate with 100% integrity.  You will get the best, most-complete application for your project, everytime.  Your home or building is our most important job!

When this 100 year old historic building needed love, Sun City Painting and Ceramic Insulcoat was selected.  Now after 10 years - it still shines! The best guarantee for a long-lasting finish to protect your home or building AND TO SAVE ON HEATING AND COOLING is to do the same.  Why Paint?  Insulate.